About PayForm

You can create $0 plans or one-time payments.

Please also notice that one-time payments in Stripe have a minimum amount of US$0.50 or the equivalent amount in your local currency. In this case, the transaction will not show in Stripe but will trigger an email and Zapier notification coming from PayForm. This is not the case for recurrent payments, where a $0 subscription does create in the Stripe dashboard correctly. This is a limitation from Stripe.

$0 transactions in Stripe also do not issue an invoice, both in one-time and recurring transactions. You can still send a manual invoice using Zapier.

No, we don't. During the onboarding process you will be prompted to create a merchant account with Stripe or PayPal (or login if you already have an account).

Yes. Starting August 2019 we offer 3D Secure and complete SCA compliance in our service.

For more information, read this article.

The commission fee in every plan is calculated over your total amount processed. Ex. If you sell $100, we charge a commission fee of $0.50 in the Pro plan.

In the case of Stripe transactions, this fee is added to each of your charges as an Application fee. This fee is included transparently together with the Stripe commission fee.

In the case of PayPal transactions, this fee is invoiced and charged together with your subscription at the end of your period.

Our solution allows entrepreneurs to create simple payment forms without using code and build them based on what your business needs. This is especially important for recurring payments and our solution is particularly used in these type of businesses.

Our solution currently works only with Stripe and PayPal, and you require a merchant account from one of these providers before using PayForm.

For more information about our service visit https://payform.me